Elizabeth has said she will try to find extra work for Pip to fund her holiday, in spite of Nigel’s worries that it will cause bad feeling with David and Ruth.

Radio Times: Elizabeth becomes an agony aunt and Brian swears Annabelle to secrecy.

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  • Business seems to be going well at Lower Loxley. They are even having to turn away jelly makers. Pip appears to ask Elizabeth if she can work full time so she can go round the world with Jude. Elizabeth is worried that she is making the wrong decision too – or at least that she hasn’t thought it through. That causes Pip to try to storm out in another temper but Elizabeth says her family is the important thing and she mustn’t turn her back on them.
  • Chris and Alice’s holiday is going better though. They are off to San Francisco next Wednesday, much to Brian’s relief and Jennifer’s discomfiture. Brian is working hard with Annabelle on plans for a new market site. He has an idea for a site on the bypass. There must be something odd about it. It’s such an obvious choice so why didn’t Rodway’s go for it.
  • Nigel is worried Elizabeth has even thought about offering Pip more work. Nigel is worried that David and Ruth will see it as egging her on. But Elizabeth seems genuinely worried that she needs to keep on side with her. She tried to persuade Pip just to go for the summer but Pip wasn’t having any of it. She’s just infatuated. Still, if David and Ruth think they are siding with Pip it could cause a lot of bad feeling.

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