Emma and Ed get back together but Oliver decides it’s time to close down the herd.

Radio Times: It’s decision time for Ed and Oliver.

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  • Susan has noted that George isn’t eating well and is blaming it on Eddie – burgers, chocolate and coke. Then Susan turns on Emma for not eating but Emma claims nothing is wrong.
  • Caroline is trying to cheer Oliver up – claiming she wants to do something on her day off. Oliver isn’t keen. He’s just not in the mood for trips out. It’s not him; it’s the others he worries about, especially Ed. Is there actually any future for the herd? It can’t go on indefinitely. He is just a hobby farmer. Now is the time to quit. Caroline tries to convince him otherwise – at least wait for the next tests. What about Ed? He will be devastated to lose his job. But Oliver says he has decided: he is going to close down the business.
  • Joe and Mildred are still enjoying their time together though Joe is getting a bit fed up with being teased. Ed tries to convince him that it doesn’t matter what other people think. He is going to miss her when she’s gone. That leads onto a conversation where Ed admits it’s Emma that he really loves. Joe says it’s not for him but Ed needs to decide if he wants to say no now and take the risk of always regretting what might have been.
  • After that conversation, Ed rushes to Emma and they say how much they love each other and they are back together.

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