Emma asserts her adult status. Sid too has grown up and lifted the ban on Jazzer.

Radio Times: Will Emma get the key of the door?

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  • Sid and Jolene are looking forward to expanding their empire with the news about more houses in the village, although tomorrow night promises to be a lean one; everybody will be at Kenton’s party.
  • Emma’s parents got one thing right today: their birthday present to Emma was a little black dress – very sexy. As Susan prepares for another day’s battle in the surgery, Neil puts in a plea not to do anything hasty about leaving Ambridge.
  • Sid has been reflecting on Jack’s words: maybe Jazzer needs a bit of support and encouragement, so he will let him back in the pub. Jolene is pleased but suggests he tell Fallon himself. He doesn’t have long to wait. Brilliant! He gets a hug for that.
  • At Emma’s birthday tea, the formalities having been despatched, Emma has something to say; it is not new and it is not unexpected and her parents grin and bear it – as they must. She promises to tell them where she and Will are staying and to keep her mobile handy. They are bound for the clubs of Liverpool on Saturday and then will spend Sunday in the Lake District.
  • Jazzer was made up when Fallon told him the news. Jolene is pleased that she is getting on better with Sid (well, he has put aside his blind prejudice); Fallon’s hug this morning meant a lot to Jolene. Dross’ new singer is doing well but there is still a rôle for Jazzer as a “roadie”.
  • Neil and Susan reflect on the day. At least the youngsters are sensible, more so than Neil and Susan were; she has always regretted falling pregnant so young and getting no qualifications. She eventually digs herself out of that hole: yes, she adores Emma and yes, she was always going to marry Neil. They just have to trust the young people and accept that Emma is growing up fast.

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