Emma’s job offer from Kenton is dismissed by Will; Will is dismissed by Emma!

Radio Times: Emma gets an unexpected offer.

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  • Brian is becoming more receptive to Adam’s ideas about marketing the venison and gives his approval for some research. Debbie is going riding with Alice but not before dismissing Brian with an icy remark. She cannot believe it when Adam tells her that Brian has offered to buy him a car; is he so easily bought? She also dismisses the venison break-through. Can’t she unbend at all, give a little?
  • Will expains enthusiastically to Emma the changes Caroline is planning to his flat, their flat as he thinks of it. Emma feels guilty because she has overheard Roy discussing his impending homelessness but Will is sure that something will turn up. Emma had a surprise today: Kenton Archer came to see her to offer her a job. Will is dismissive: he is a loser who has done nothing but sponge off his family.
  • At Home Farm, those who still talk to one another are discussing Debbie. She bottles it all and although Adam has tried to get her to open up, he cannot force it; she knows they are there and she must ask for help. They don’t really know what is getting to her; maybe she doesn’t know herself. Brian doubts that she will ever find it in her heart to forgive him and, when Adam has gone, he tells Jennifer about the car. Can they afford it with profits down? He will finance it by not changing his for yet another year, in spite of Oliver having a new one.
  • In The Bull, Will continues to pour cold water on Kenton’s offer. He doesn’t trust the guy; why leave a steady job for one which might only last 6 months. Emma sees the positive side of more responsibility and, when Ed turns up, she gets the support which is lacking from Will. The brothers’ argument about sharing the money from the sale of Baby Spice is the last straw for Emma. Will is not right all the time and they don’t all have a flat and a job drop into their laps. He need not bother to call her because they are finished!
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