Fallon is annoyed when Ed can’t make their date. Mike is wondering if he should sell up and look for somewhere smaller.

Radio Times: Fallon protests too much.

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  • Tony is fascinated by the tractor and is disappointed that David has handed it over to a specialist. Tony suggests it might be the chance to take Josh fishing but David isn’t convinced he’ll sit still.
  • Sid is struggling to fill the coach for the village cup final and wants Jolene to go but she isn’t interested. Someone has to run the pub on a Sunday. And Jolene is even less impressed that Fallon announces she can’t work on Bank Holiday Monday. But Sid tries to bribe her by convincing her to be on charge for the trip to Lords and they both reluctantly agree.
  • Josh does rather well at the fishing. Better than David. But David is still planning on a day out for inner city children to see the farm. They have a health and safety inspection next week.
  • Fallon in the meantime looks particularly good for her night out. Jolene is rather surprised to see how she looks for a night out with Ed but Fallon says it’s nothing. And then Ed says he can’t make it after all – problem with a cow and she isn’t impressed. But as Jolene says, it was only Ed…
  • Josh didn’t enjoy the fishing much but Mike offers to take Jamie another time if they go. Phoebe is still very enthusiastic. In the meantime Mike lets slip to Tony that Hayley is pregnant. That explains why Hayley is so determined to find somewhere of there own. Mike is beginning to think about finding somewhere smaller to free up a bit of cash for Roy and Brenda but Tony isn’t sure that’s a good plan – Mike is used to his space.

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