Grange Farm has milk problems, the new hymn books cause concern all round and William’s appointed temporary head keeper!

Radio Times: Will Janet don that stetson

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  • Jack has got everything arranged for this weekend’s trip to the Game Fair – he’s booked himself and Peggy, George and Christine into a plush hotel in Harrogate – his treat, with Higgs driving them there in the Bentley. George is still a little concerned by his participation in the living countryside exhibit, having to talk to the public.
  • Janet’s at Grange Farm on the scrounge for some oil drums for the ladies’ raft, with more than a little arm-twisting, Joe eventually lets her have some for nothing.
  • Grange Farm’s eons old down-slide continues – it seems that their milk’s cell count is higher than it should be – high enough to mean possibile refusal of the milk if it continues.
  • There’s general concern in the village about the church’s new hymn books and what this entails for the services (Peggy was concerned that the oil drums were for a steel band!) but Janet’s a little fed up with some of the scare-mongering about the scale of the changes. To Eddie’s chagrin there’s not much chance of any country and western songs – nor Janet in cowboy boots!
  • Jack’s a little worried about the weekend, with George and Greg visiting the Game Fair, who will mind the shoot? Greg and George are both very impressed with William and George asks him if he wouldn’t mind taking on a few of the more senior duties over the weekend. A Grundy as (temporary) Head Keeper. The world has moved on ….