Hannah makes her mark. Brian is forced to climb down.

Radio Times: Tom enjoys a minor triumph.

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  • Hannah is settling in at Bridge Farm, though Tony managed to walk in on her while she was showering, to his grave embarrassment. Tom introduces her to Jazzer, who feels the need to instruct Hannah in the art of not overdoing things.
  • Brian is in moaning mode. He tells Tom some pigs need to be moved and tells Jazzer to stop smoking. Tom’s glad when he sets off to meet Jennifer at the airport.
  • Jazzer tries to show Hannah who’s boss. As they try to shift pig arks from the mud, he makes her fall over and get covered. But he’s met his match; Hannah insists that it’s Jazzer’s turn next. They end up at The Feathers, where Hannah demonstrates her skills on the fruit machine. Jazzer revises his impression of the new hired help quite substantially.
  • Jennifer is full of gush over Marshall and Debbie, who are moving in together. Brian remains in cynical vein, and isn’t pleased to see that the pigs haven’t been moved. He rings Tom and orders him to get it done. Tom rings Jazzer, and when he and Hannah appear, Brian lets rip – only to be told by Hannah that all the arks are moved, the feeders and drinkers filled, and that she and Jazzer were on their lunch break. They’ll move the pigs immediately.
  • Brian is forced to admit that Tom has made a good choice in Hannah, and that Tom was right all along. Not only that – Lilian and Ian have managed to employ a male carer for Jack, and he’s coming to meet Jack on Wednesday. Everything is lovely in the Home Farm garden.

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