Hannah’s after Chris now Alice’s far away, Chris doesn’t realise.

Radio Times: Jazzer’s jealousies come to the fore.

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  • Neil tells Christopher that calling Alice’s mobile on the home phone isn’t free. Chris promises to pay for his calls when the bill arrives; it must be love!
  • Hannah’s reluctant to accept Tom’s offer of a lift to the Borsetshire Electro night until she hears “Chris? Farrier Chris?”, is going. A jealous Jazzer reminds her about Alice. Hannah says she knows, and Alice’s back at University now.
  • Christopher and Neil are fitting the kitchen units to the flat Chris’s planning to rent. But one doesn’t fit. The wall’s not straight. Helen arrives, keen to look around. She thinks Chris’s carefully chosen bathroom is fabulous. Looks like Chris has a rival. Mike advises Neil to sleep on the ill-fitting cupboard overnight.
  • Hannah declines Jazzer’s invite to dance, blaming a sore back, and his suggestion of a massage. Then Tom introduces Chris. Like to dance, asks Hannah? “Er, yes, why not”, says Chris. Jazzer’s displeased.
  • Chris talks of nothing but Alice. Hannah says he’s not enjoying the club, is he. No, he was thinking of going home. Hannah concurs; it’s been a long day. Chris offers a lift back to Ambridge if they sneak off early now. That would be so great, says Hannah. When Jazzer finds she left with Chris ten minutes later he’s annoyed and asks if anybody has told Alice.

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