Hayley wants to restore family unity. Peggy is worried that family unity is being compromised.

Radio Times: Jennifer shows her stubborn side.

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  • An overworked Usha is pleased when Ruth rings to ask her round for a meal. She tells Ruth over supper about Alan’s plans for the church, and that she wants to be involved. As a start, she’s taking time off over Easter to help him.
  • Jennifer brings Phoebe to the hospital, where she finds Hayley cheerful and positive. Abbie is no longer under the special lamp, and Hayley is finding it easier to look after her. When Roy arrives, he is tired and stressed, so he waits on the ward while the others go down to see Abbie.
  • Jennifer tells Peggy about her ultimatum to Brian. Peggy is understanding, and supports Jennifer’s stand. But Jennifer isn’t at all sure that Brian takes her threat seriously. Even Jack can see that Peggy’s upset over Jennifer when she gets home, though Peggy makes light of it.
  • Hayley tells Roy he must stop blaming Brenda for Abbie’s premature arrival, without success. But Hayley says they’re a family now, and they mustn’t fall out with one another.

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