Helen is told she is likely to be suitable for fertility treatment.

Radio Times: Helen ventures into the unknown.

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  • Kathy is getting fed up with Kenton. He is working all hours at Jaxx and is now helping Jim with his house move. He won’t even mention Phil to her. She obviously isn’t any comfort for him at all. She is feeling really left out.
  • It is Helen’s appointment at the fertility clinic. She tries to convince them that she has total family support though she admits that her Father isn’t being really supportive but she is convinced he will change when the baby arrives. Her weight is also a bit of a worry. But still, subject to a few more tests, they think she will be suitable for treatment.
  • Lynda is getting a lot of support for her graffiti clean up day. Neil has signed up – taking his new responsibilities seriously. Oliver meanwhile has decided he is going to be a waiter at Grey Gables to replace on who has called in sick.
  • On the shop front, Susan has agreed to work in the shop on two mornings a week and will run the Post Office every week day afternoon. She’ll have to help with training too. Fund raising is going well. They’ve already go some grants. And it’s the chance for Lynda to have another production! Though the rest of the committee doesn’t sound convinced. They are quite keen on the idea of a talent show though Lynda doesn’t like that idea.

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