Ian proposes to Adam and Adam accepts.

Radio Times: Adam’s evening takes an unexpected turn.

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  • It’s grape picking time at Lower Loxley. David is late but Ruth can’t manage it with Bert off sick… Jill is worrying about her a bit. She still thinks Ruth was very upset about Sophie.
  • Brian is in a foul mood because Alice has volunteered him for the pantomime. So Adam’s got a headache. He would cry off his evening meeting but Ian is strangely keen to get him out of the house.
  • The Brookfield children haven’t got parts in the Christmas show and David is annoyed to find Daniel got a part as a dwarf – only because Lynda wanted Alistair to be a huntsman.
  • Turns out there was no Italian chef for Adam to meet. Ian had plotted it all to get Adam to go out for a special meal to thank him for being so good about Madds. And because he wants to propose….And, of course, Adam accepts.

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