Jack turns a bit aggressive and Joe reflects on how lucky the Grundys are.

Radio Times: Joe has some kind words for a comrade.

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  • True to her word, Lilian is doing Jack-care duty while Jennifer takes Peggy out, but he is in an aggressive mood. Having been manhandled by him, Lilian decides on a drive in the car as a diversion.
  • Ed was expecting Joe to help him at Grange Farm but he was late – and he plans to go into Borchester later to start his Christmas shopping. He wonders whether, in the future, Ed might be allowed to build a house on Grange Farm; it’s a nice dream.
  • Joe meets Peggy in a restaurant and is very sympathetic; he lost his Susan quickly, without her suffering. Peggy admits it is dreadful watching Jack just disappear. Joe offers to call and share a yarn but Peggy thinks not just at the moment.
  • The drive takes Jack to what he recognises as a castle, but it’s not a castle, it’s HMP Fortress Felpersham!
  • Back home, Joe is in philosophical mood. His encounter with Peggy Woolley has made him realise that the Grundys are lucky: Edward nicely set up at Grange Farm, William in steady work and with a lovely girl and Eddie is working his socks off too.
  • The break has clearly done Peggy good. Lilian is economical with the truth when she returns, just reporting that they went out because Jack got a bit awkward.

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