Jamie discovers Jolene and Kenton kissing and tells Kathy.

Radio Times: Jamie makes a devastating discovery, and Kenton is worried about his sister.

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  • Elizabeth’s operation is delayed a little but the operation went well. They may have to do some reprogramming to make sure it is working properly. She should be able to start doing things next week but she won’t be able to drive for 6 months which will be a pain.
  • Jolene and Kathy have a slightly stilted conversation. Kathy is happy for Jolene to take Jamie out but is trying to keep tabs on him a bit because it’s such an important school year. In the conversation, Jolene mentions Jamie left his jacket in the car. Kathy instantly rings him to insist he goes to pick it up.
  • When Jamie does go over to The Bull, he walks in when Jolene and Kenton are kissing. They aren’t sure if he saw them but Jamie makes it quite clear to Kathy when he gets home that Kenton and Jolene are now an item. Kathy is clearly startled.

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