Jamie’s feelings come out.

Radio Times: Jamie’s feeling the pressure and there’s news online for Pip.

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  • Jamie is at Brookfield and is under instructions to be home for lunch; he doesn’t want to go. He doesn’t think his mum was impressed with Jaxx and now she is pestering about his birthday.
  • Pip will need some persuasion to come down for lunch: she has looked at Jude’s page on Facebook and sees that he describes himself as “single and loving it”. It’s so horrible. He never cared for her; he can’t have. Ruth tries to convince her that she must move on – as Jude clearly has done. What about college? The big obstacle for Pip is facing all the people she has told about going round the world with Jude; now she must tell them he went without her. At least she has decided not to go for the supermarket job, though she feels obliged to continue at Lower Loxley.
  • Because Kathy had to fill in at the shop, lunch is cold and she will cook later; it can be early if he is going to watch the football at Brookfield. Of course he had planned to watch it on the big screen at The Bull with his dad. When Kathy brings up the subject of his birthday, he explodes. What he really wants is his dad back; his life is rubbish and it will not be put right by a paintballing trip and playing happy families with her and Kenton.

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