Janet finds a vacancy in Norfolk and maybe gone by the end of summer; Tim tells Alastair, who tells Shula, that Brian is the person involved with Siobhán.

Radio Times: The secret spreads

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  • Susan is moaning fit to bust over the extra workload caused by the arrival of boxes of DVDs and videos. Lynda is buying biscuits for the workmen at the hall, and waxing lyrical over her new kitchen appliances.. the fridge is big, German and bright red! Lynda’s eye is taken by a copy of ‘The Birdcage’ and decides she’s like an afternoon treat. But Susan’s working strictly to rule…… two pieces of ID and an utilities bill to join the club – or no video.
  • Daniel is going through his exercises for Janet, who remarks that she liked paedeatrics best when she was a nurse. Shula speculates on Alistair’s ‘Dross in the stables’ idea, Janet is gently encouraging, after all, the young people have to go somewhere. Shula agrees, she will let them practise there. Janet drops a bombshell, she’s seen a vacancy in a parish in Norfolk. If she gets it, she’ll be gone by the end of the summer. Shula is horrified.
  • Outside the shop ( why?) Altistair tells Tim he’s found out the ‘Who’ – it’s Brian Aldridge. Alistair, to put it mildly, is gobsmacked.Tim blames himself for not spotting it all sooner- Its dreadful at home now . Also Siobhán refuses to show any regret. How can they go on?
  • At the surgery Janet is on the end of Susan’s harping about the video club when Tim walks in. Will Janet stay for a coffee? No – awkward pause – she’s got to go. No sympathy there then.
  • Alistair tells Shula the big one. Her predictable response, ‘Not again!’ She is SO angry, and he is understandably flabbergasted to learn that Brian’s been down this road more than once before. Janet may move to Norfolk, Tim’s shellshocked, even Siobhán is in a bad way. But Brian just sails on . Shula just hopes that Jenny doesn’t find out.

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