Jazzer makes a declaration. Annette and Helen make a decision. Kate makes a phone call.

Radio Times: Jazzer finally cuts to the chase.

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  • As Jenny gets ready for the Lower Loxley Ball, Kate rings. She wants to come to Ambridge for a week in March, and will bring Sipho but not Nolly, who can’t miss school. Kate is longing to see Phoebe. Jenny is ecstatic.
  • At the Bull, all the young things of Ambridge gather to see in the New Year. Jazzer gets more and more drunk, and glowers menacingly at a stranger who’s clearly struck by Fallon. Brenda becomes increasingly fed up with Jazzer, and lets it slip that Tom told her about his feelings for Fallon. It’s the only way to get rid of him. But later Tom invites Jazzer to sleep on their sofa.
  • Two young things who are not out celebrating are Annette and Helen. They decide to have a man-free girls’ night in, with soppy DVDs, chocolates and wine. Annette manages to evade Helen’s questions about her recent absences from the flat, and as the bells sound the New Year, they hug and declare that they have both finished with men.
  • In the middle of the night, Jazzer decides to act on Tom’s advice. He staggers to the Bull and throws stones at Fallon’s window. When she opens it, he declares his love for her. A shocked Fallon says she’ll talk to him tomorrow – it’s the only way to get rid of him.

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