Jazzer’s affaires de coeur put him in casualty. He considers turning a new leaf.

Radio Times: Jazzer has trouble escaping the past.

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  • Fallon’s keen to go clubbing in town to celebrate the band finding a guitarist. Jazzer’s surprisingly less so. At the club he’s distracted after seeing the brother of a girl he dallied with for a while, unfortunately, whilst unaware another girl he was courting was the brother’s fiancé. The attack outside with brother and friends is broken up by the bouncers and Fallon waits with Jazzer in casualty. She tries to persuade him he could do better. He thinks she means her but no, she knows where he’s been and means a girlfriend who’s a friend not just another bedpost notch. He likes the idea.
  • Pip arrives home, stressed, and goes straight to college work which keeps her up late. Ruth’s enquiries explain nothing. She and David think the half-term in Egypt will give Pip a break. And David’s determined not to worry about the farm and the Grundys living in his house.

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