Jennifer brings Susan on board with the party plans.

Radio Times: Susan is feeling sidelined while Jamie thinks he is under surveillance.

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  • Alice needs to talk. Susan is very upset about the wedding party; she and Neil want to make a contribution and she needs Jennifer to tell her what it could be. Alice wants it to be a happy time and that means getting Susan involved.
  • Jamie has had a good time at Marty’s – until Kathy spoilt it by ringing Marty’s mum to check up on him, as he sees it. And the golf club job is the same: she wants him where she can keep an eye on him. Why? Because, Kathy tells him, she loves him and his father has just died. Now, Jamie retorts, there is no-one on his side.
  • Brian wonders why not ask Susan to do the decorations? No way is Susan getting anywhere near Jennifer’s marquee; therein lies the problem. But Jennifer has an idea.
  • Even as Chris is busy soothing his mum’s ruffled feathers, Jennifer bursts into the shop and Chris wisely leaves them to it. Jennifer apologises; she can see that Susan felt sidelined and that must have been hurtful. She suggests that Susan takes responsibility for the centrepiece of the occasion – the cake. Alice wouldn’t want anything as conventional as a three-tier wedding cake but Jennifer offers the suggestion of a cupcake tower. That hits the spot, something Susan can get her teeth into.
  • Alice’s reaction? Wicked! So that’s sorted. Jennifer missed a call from Debbie who will be coming for a week. Brian thinks they should now concentrate on locking up the silver. When Alice returns from ringing Chris, she mentions the possibility of one more guest – Uncle Clive. She was joking – wasn’t she?

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