Jennifer finally threatens divorce if Brian doesn’t sort things out to suit her. Hayley and Roy’s baby, Abigail, is born and in the special care unit.

Radio Times: Jennifer plays her trump card.

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  • Mike calls Brenda in the early hours to tell her Hayley is in labour. All seems to be going well and she is told to push but they are getting the paediatricians on stand by.
  • Brenda goes round to Willow Farm and is worried that it is her fault that she has caused Hayley to be stressed. Mike tries to tell her otherwise. Then a call comes from Roy to say the baby is born. She is just so tiny and Roy is in tears.
  • Jennifer gets a call to say Mike needs help with Phoebe and Brian instantly objects. Jennifer doesn’t have time for that! Jennifer isn’t having anything of it. Brian can’t think of anything except himself, the farm and Ruairi.
  • At the hospital things are confused. Roy doesn’t really know what’s happening. The baby isn’t breathing well but they haven’t told him anything yet.
  • Brian tries to have a show down with Jennifer. She needs to snap out of things before she does some lasting damage to her family. Brian thinks she is being unreasonable and thinking of everyone but Ruairi. Eventually Jennifer plays her final card. If Brian doesn’t come up with a better solution for the farm, even if it isn’t what she wants, she will divorce him to get the right solution for Adam and Debbie.
  • Roy and Hayley visit the baby in the special care unit. She is very tiny but she does open her eyes. Welcome to the world, Abigail.

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