Jennifer tells Adam to stop letting Brian wind him up. Clarrie is very worried about Joe.

Radio Times: Jennifer lays down the law with Adam.

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  • William is missing the single wicket this year because he has George on Sundays. Clarrie doesn’t feel up to it either. She’s really upset about Joe doing the milking too. Even Pat thinks it’s madness. She’s a bit worried about leaving Clarrie on her own in the dairy but Clarrie reacts badly to that.
  • Jennifer is tells Adam to grow up and stop taking everything from Brian so personally. Adam is just being silly. She also thinks it wouldn’t be a bad idea if they did scale things down but she doesn’t think he will go that way. But Adam won’t listen – he thinks Brian has already agreed. If he carries on behaving the way he is he will push Brian into it. He’s got to let sleeping dogs lie. If he stops reminding Brian about it he’ll probably just forget it. Brian knows he can wind him up so Adam should just ignore him.
  • Alan is looking for a birthday present for Usha and Pat and Ian are out shopping too. Pat admits she is worried about Clarrie. She’s certainly not herself.
  • Adam and Ian are preparing for Mads visit at the weekend. Ian has certainly bought enough booze! Adam is worried Mads won’t like him. Ian agrees with Jennifer that Brian is just winding him up.
  • Alan tries to encourage Clarrie and she puts on a brave face. But she admits she’s worried about Joe. She’s hoping Eddie will step in but there isn’t anything Alan can do. She will sort Eddie out.

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