Jill is angry with Shula for throwing away her marriage. Will decides he will go to Nic’s funeral with Poppy.

Radio Times: Clarrie fears the worst while Shula speaks from experience

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  • Clarrie is not looking forward to the funeral. She says Will is “getting there”. But Nic’s family will be there. Shula takes the opportunity of an empty church to tell Jill what has happened. Jill doesn’t believe it is the end. There must be something they can do to save their marriage. You just have to keep going. Jill says she knows the last year has been tough but Shula says it has been since Daniel left. Jill is shocked to hear that Shula has been staying at The Bull. Shula has to move back to The Stables to make room for Nic’s family. Jill thinks that might make a chance for them but Shula insists it is over.
  • Fallon and Harrison go swimming to get fit. They are getting very competitive about both the fitness and the complaining. Fallon says it is an “observation” that Harrison has an advantage on fitness because of walking round on his job. Harrison suggests she should jog on the spot in the tearoom.
  • Clarrie tries to convince Will to change his mind about the funeral but he insists it won’t make any difference to Nic so he and Poppy will remember her in their own way.
  • Jill tells Shula she thinks she shouldn’t tell anyone else in case she changes her mind. Shula says she won’t and so Jill walks off. She bumps into Fallon and Harrison who asks her to give Alistair a message about nets. Shula says she will tell him if she sees him but they will be better off telling him themselves.
  • Shula bumps into Will and hears that he isn’t going to the funeral. She says she felt the same about Mark’s funeral but in the end she was glad she went, and to Caroline’s. They were lovely services and it was a chance to say goodbye and to see the people who loved them. Will must do whatever he thinks best but Shula hopes he finds some peace.
  • When Will gets back to the cottage, he tells Clarrie he has changed his mind. He will take Poppy to the funeral.

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