Joe nominates his special birthday treat: to see his son Alf.

Radio Times: Christine pushes ahead.

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  • Clarrie and Eddie are in need of inspiration for birthday presents, for Joe and for Ed, although Eddie is preoccupied with quoting for some landscaping and acquiring the mixer he will need. Ed, they know, wants a car but he would not be able to run it. As for Joe, they don’t know what he would like. Now here is a novel idea: ask him. The answer is surprising. He wants to see his errant son Alf so that he can be at peace with himself. Joe is feeling unloved; he is convinced that there are no preparations in hand for his birthday, not even a cake. Perhaps he will bake his own; Janet Fisher has been drumming up support for the Victoria Sponge Men-only section of the Flower and Produce Show. Such thoughts are cut short by a phone call from Neil: the turkeys have escaped.
  • At the Stables, Chris is unloading junk while George’s back is turned and Greg is the lucky recipient of a stag’s head. So Greg has been told that George wants him to have it, althought it means a lot to him. George has been told that Greg was so taken with it that Chris did not have the heart to refuse. Devious!
  • Back at the turkey chase, Joe is rounding them up while Neil is making a point and refusing to help. Joe persuades him that, if he will not help, at least will he stand there and not help and while he is not helping, could he hold his arms out.
  • Eddie has done his homework on the landscaping project and the figures look good. Thinking about Joe’s request, he does not want Alf here but perhaps Joe could go to Gloucester.
  • At the Parish Council meeting they are discussing changes to the development plan, notably the extension of the Ambridge envelope. They are concerned that the view of the villagers will not be represented at the enquiry because no-one has asked them and this will leave a vacuum. They decide on a survey to formulate their own ideas; Siobhán will draw up a questionnaire. Chris takes Neil aside, bent on unloading some of George’s fishing gear, but Neil is too wound up about turkeys to worry about it just now. Eddie beware.

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