Jolene is rather puzzled that Kenton suddenly seems to be avoiding her.

Radio Times: Jolene is left confused, while Nic and Will make plans.

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  • Susan is showing off her photo on the front page of the Echo with the Duchess. Clarrie is very annoyed that Susan’s Union Jack is blocking her view. No one can tell their story as often as Lynda though, with her “personal wave”.
  • Jolene is rather surprised to find out Kenton seems to be avoiding her – won’t come in for coffee and then says he can’t go to the gig after all, or meet her at all during the week.
  • Nic persuades William to arrange a day at the races for all the family for Eddie’s 60th. They’ll even give him some spending money for bets as a present.
  • Brian is off to the Paris agricultural show. He’s looking forward to meeting Debbie but not so keen on seeing Lilian and Matt!

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