Kate continues to make trouble. David continues to feel sorry for himself.

Radio Times: Kate wants to talk and Jill is in need of support.

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  • Enjoying some rare time off together, Roy and Hayley play with Abbie. Roy is masterminding Phoebe’s birthday party, though the birthday girl is still grumpy over their refusal to let her go to South Africa.
  • David enjoys another bout of introspection and gloom. Adam has embraced the Open Farm Sunday proposal with great enthusiasm, but instead of relief, all David feels is guilt. Nothing Ruth can say has much effect.
  • Josh helps Jill with the bees. Like his cousin Freddie, who managed to get to see Tig despite Elizabeth’s machinations, Josh has a way with animals and wildlife. But Jill is worried, and decides to speak to Shula.
  • Roy and Hayley’s day off is ruined by Kate, who, though less assertive than usual, soon makes it clear that she is determined Phoebe should spend a year in South Africa. Brian and Jennifer will, of course, pay her fare. Kate and Lucas will pay for her keep. Hayley stands up to Kate, but all her arguments are knocked flat.
  • Jill explains to Shula that her Christian faith has always been a great support, but over the recent rift she has felt very much alone. She asks Shula to set aside her objections to Alan’s ministry and come to St Stephen’s with her on Sunday.
  • At long last Hayley stands up to Roy and tells him he fails to support her against Kate. Wetly, Roy suggests that they might be preventing Phoebe going out of a kind of jealousy; they have never had such opportunities. Perhaps they should compromise

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