Kirsty considers becoming a shop assistant and a pregnant Kate returns home.

Radio Times: A wanderer returns.

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  • A leaving party at Ambridge Organics is held to send Kathy off to her new job which she plans to start almost immediately. This will be a relief to Elizabeth’s family, who think she is looking worn out, but it has done nothing to improve Helen’s sunny disposition, who now needs to find her replacement. Over a slice of Kathy’s gorgeous quiche, Helen catches up with the details of Tom’s comeuppance and provides Kirsty with some ammunition for future teasing.
  • Kirsty expresses admiration for what Helen’s family have done at the shop. She also reveals that, having finished with the court case, college and some voluntary work, she is not sure what she is going to do next.
  • With Kevin away for Christmas, David and Phil are taking care of the cows and rejoicing in a cell count which is still improving. David presents his father with a thorough financial analysis of the interim period, the two years before his proposed beef venture generates returns; they will receive his full attention over the next two days and he promises an answer by Monday.
  • Back at the shop, Kathy takes her leave, having explained that Hayley has solved the child care problem associated with her new job; Hayley will be looking after Jamie after school. Helen now seems surprisingly philosophical about finding a replacement. She broaches the subject with Kirsty who declares herself willing to be interviewed for the job, next Wednesday at noon.
  • Jennifer’s preparations for her New Year’s Day party are not going to plan; the drinks order, which will surely make Brian wince when he gets the bill, has not arrived. Her ultimatum delivered by phone, she turns her attention to answering the ring of the doorbell. A young woman, great with child, is on the doorstep seeking shelter. It is a familiar seasonal scene but this particular waif gets a warmer reception than did the biblical family. Kate has returned.

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