Lexi is back in Ambridge and Adam’s fertility is discussed.

Radio Times: Adam fears for the future and Roy is frustrated

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  • Roy is feeling horny how that Lexi is back. However, they have a dinner to go to at Home Farm. Having smudged her lipstick, Roy is disappointed not to get what he was expecting, but Lexi reassures him that all will be well, they’ll just need to be more imaginative.
  • Brian is worried because Annabelle wants to discuss the renewal of the BL contract to Home Farm. He’s worried about what the rest of the board will think. Adam is worried about them losing the income from the BL contract at the same time as they are paying out for Low Mead. Alice pops in to tell Brian about Price-Bowman pulling out of the field trials for the crop sensors with Home Farm. Brian still wants to use tech to help them manage the farm.
  • Over dinner, in among many innuendoes, Jennifer tells Lexi that the clinic rang to say that Adam’s sample is healthy. Lexi insists that Roy will have cheesecake for dessert, not “something hot and fruity”.
  • Brian is furious about today’s meeting. Berrow is going ahead but at what cost? Martin did his best to focus attention
  • Once everyone has left, Jennifer says that she wants Brian to tell the children about the chemicals being dumped. Brian is reluctant, saying that none of them would see him in the same light again.

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