Lexi is sick of being unemployed. Kate is sick of Brian’s behaviour. Lynda is sick of The Silmarillion

Radio Times: Lynda tries to keep a lid on her feelings

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  • Lexi receives scant sympathy from Roy when she complains about her inability to find a job. He teases her when she suggests it is down to discrimination on grounds of her ethnicity, and somewhat tactlessly reminds her that her embryo transplant is imminent, so she won’t need a job.
  • Furious because the pollution matter has had such an adverse effect on her business, Kate seeks sanctuary at the tea room, where she finds Robert seeking sanctuary from his B&B guests. She teasingly offers him a free massage, and complains bitterly about Brian – then remembers she must not reveal details of yesterday’s debacle. Robert is reading The Hobbit, to Kate’s delight; it seems that she is a big Tolkien fan. Lexi appears, on the off-chance of finding work in the tea room, but is swiftly disabused by Kate. seemingly business is booming there and they have employed a young man recently. Lexi is forced to go away with a bundle of Spiritual Home fliers.
  • Maybe business at Grey Gables lacks the fire of the tea room, since Lynda is able to spend her working time struggling through The Silmarillion. Roy remarks that she might as well wait for the film. Lexi appears with the news that Emma has told her the chicken factory is recruiting. Lynda is appalled on ethical grounds and Roy on rather more personal ones, but Lexi is adamant. meanwhile she delivers Kate’s fliers.
  • Kate complains vociferously to her mother about Brian’s behaviour and her own lack of clients. She simply can’t believe that he could lie to his family. Weakly, Jennifer suggests that it was good of Ruth to bring it all in to the open. Kate accuses Jennifer of neglecting her parental duty in abetting Brian. Jennifer retorts that Kate is not exactly in a position to lecture anyone on parental duty.
  • Sick of ploughing through an unreadable book, Lynda announces to Robert that she will admit defeat. He tries to extort £1 for the Lent appeal, whereupon Lynda gives him £20 and launches into a tirade of negative critical comment. It is the most satisfying £20 she has ever spent, she sniffs.
  • Kate asks how they are to proceed at the next meeting. Adam hasn’t discussed it all with Debbie yet, and Alice is nowhere to be seen. We’ll get through it, replies Jennifer, but maybe they should all keep quiet for now. She simply doesn’t know what to do for the best.

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