Lilian is terrified now she has found a window broken in the Dower House

Radio Times: Lilian calls in the professionals.

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  • Lilian hears the sound of breaking glass while Matt is out and summons Adam. Adam finds the broken glass in the cellar although there is no sign anyone has tried to get in. In desperation she calls the police. When Matt gets home and finds them there he is absolutely furious and won’t listen to reason and still refuses to bring in the police. Lilian is on the point of a breakdown and Adam offers her a refuge at Honeysuckle Cottage if she should ever need it.
  • Usha has done her final run for the marathon when she bumps into Pat who seems interested until she sees Helen. They have more arguments but Helen finally comes round and lets her come up to the flat. Helen explains she is pushing Annette to get a job and find somewhere to live but she isn’t going to abandon her. Pat says she is just worried about her and only wants what is best.

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