Lilian persuades Peggy to spend some time away from Jack. Susan is still obsessed with Christopher’s skiing prowess.

Radio Times: Christopher hits the slopes.

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  • Susan is determined Christopher should get to his dry ski practise and even agrees to drive him. But she beings to get worried when Lilian starts talking about sun burn, fractures and avalanches. But it’s a small price to pay to get Christopher launched onto the international jet set.
  • Lilian persuades Peggy to have a few hours off while she stays to look after Jack. She admits it is all getting a bit much for her. Peggy goes reluctantly into Borchester and is worried. But Lilian and Jack get on fine and even do some dancing.
  • Robert admits he needs Bert’s help to fix Jennifer’s shower. It’s not his area of expertise. Bert pops round and helps out. But he does seem to see it as the beginning of a new partnership. He’s not too busy otherwise…

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