Looks like No.1 the Green has already been sold. Alistair’s father is coming to stay at the Stables.

Radio Times: The reinforcements arrive at the Lodge.

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  • Shula is the next in line of the family to offer to run chores for Peggy. Then Tony turns up with the new locks – but she’ll need to keep the keys safe in case of emergency. Shula is complaining about the fuss Alistair’s father is making over his leg. She does feel sorry for the nurses. At least he’s getting better – which is more than can be said about Jack.
  • Adam is getting on with the research on the digester but Ian is less than impressed with the details. But he can provide the kitchen waste from Grey Gables to help out. Adam isn’t mad on the idea of going into business with Borchester Land but if that is what it takes….
  • It looks like No. 1 The Green has already been sold. Same old story, local people priced out of the local market.
  • Adam and Ian also pop round to Peggy to offer to help. And Ian have provided ready meals from Grey Gables to keep them going and next Tony asks them both round for Christmas lunch.
  • Just before Alistair leaves to head up to Scotland, his Father calls to say he’s discharged himself from hospital and wants to come to stay at the Stables. Shula isn’t impressed but Alistair says they’ll just have to make the best of it.

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