Lynda breaks new ground. Jennifer hears some good news.

Radio Times: Lynda gets into character.

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  • As Lynda alias Dylan Nells, and Robert, begin on their restaurant critic assignment, Lynda insists on making Robert comment on every mouthful. He becomes increasingly irritated with this, and finally makes his feelings known to Lynda. She is, of course, not a whit put out.
  • David finally tracks down the contractor, Don Culliford, whom he believes to have poisoned the cows, but gets short shrift from him – just a sneering laugh. David’s cross with himself because he burnt the remaining yew, so has no evidence. He tells all this to Kenton, who advises him not to accept such behaviour. What is David doing on Saturday night, he asks.
  • An exhausted Brian and Jennifer fall into bed for a good sleep. Jenny was touched by Ruairidh’s goodnight kiss, and they agree that he seems to be settling at last. But Jenny won’t hear of hiring a nanny; Ruairidh already has too many new faces to sort out. Suddenly the phone rings – it’s Lucas, to tell them Kate has had a baby boy, Sipho. Jenny is delighted, and full of plans to send out babygros and something for Nolly. Brian, usually so selfish, is touched by her love of family.

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