Lynda finds life difficult at the top.

Radio Times: Emma finds a new friend.

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  • Betty gets up early to feed the hens; she’s so excited about Brenda coming home that she can’t sleep. Mike’s less cheerful; he’s had another customer defect to the supermarket for their milk.
  • Usha eats with Amy and Alan before they all set off for Lynda’s rehearsal. They all decide they like country life, although they’re all townies. Alan and Usha even plan a walk at the weekend.
  • Lynda is even bossier than usual, shouting at her cast. But most of them agree that Titcombe’s magic act is terrible. Lynda thinks Amy’s idea of singing Feed the World is too gloomy, so Amy and Alan settle, reluctantly, for Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.
  • Betty’s late for rehearsal because she has to unpack stock at the shop, but Emma gives her a hand, and a little present for being so kind to her. Betty is very touched, and encourages Emma to hold her head up and take a part in village life.
  • Lynda reaches boiling point when Betty eventually shows up, but without her CD for the dance routine. Alan saves the day by singing the song for them, while Lynda convulses everyone by shouting ‘gnash and flash’ at the dancing pair. Life’s lonely at the top, isn’t it, says Alan meaningfully.
  • Mike can’t get over seeing Alan and Usha holding hands at the rehearsal, but Betty thinks it’s great; they’re entitled to a bit of happiness.

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