Lynda meets her match in Jim. Kenton and Jolene take another step forward.

Radio Times: Jim is in a mischievous mood and Jamie is causing concern.

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  • Jim and Lynda await the arrival of a BBC sound engineer to assess the Village hall for suitability in hosting Gardeners’ Question Time. Lynda has already drawn up a list of potential committee members, and has to take some gentle teasing from Jim over this.
  • Still furious with Joe and Eddie, Clarrie tells Fallon and Jolene about their Sunday lunch trick. She made them both own up and wash up. Jolene and Fallon are amused, but still worried about Jamie and his lack of work for his GCSEs. Fallon says she will try to talk to him, since Jamie is speaking to neither Jolene nor Kenton.
  • Having impressed the sound engineer, Jim is able to turn his thought to his recommendation for the Book Club. As he muses over the relative merits of Suetonius, Catullus and the Georgics, even the pseudo-intellectual Lynda is hard put to make an informed comment – as Jim very well knows.
  • Kenton calls at the Bull, mainly to tell Jolene that he has to entertain Nigel’s sister, who has come for the inquest. Fallon has had some success; Jamie is coming over on Thursday, so as Jolene will be working, Kenton needs to stay away, which he agrees to do with good grace.
  • Lynda tells Jim about the Grundy lunch trick, and Jim agrees to think of ways to make Joe see the error of his ways. Meanwhile he has settled on his book – Ovid’s Metamorphoses, though not all 15 books, of course. Lynda again tries gamely but unconvincingly to show her familiarity with the work.
  • Kenton tells Jolene that while he understands her wish to take things slowly, he would like the relationship to move on. Oddly, that is exactly what Jolene wants, too.

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