Lynda resumes the reins of the panto; there is to be a new Dame Trott.

Radio Times: Jill finds a friend in need.

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  • The Brookfield bull is a bit special – a Brown Swiss; he is an amiable rebel but he has served his purpose and they cannot afford to keep him. Even Phil has turned up to say goodbye. They now have some fine cross-bred heifers and are thinking of other crosses. Phil should know all about cross-breeding from his long interest in pigs.
  • Jill calls on Peggy and finds her in tears and annoyed with herself. While dusting she had broken the little cat figure that Jack had bought her; it was on her bad side. Jill prescribes a sherry; tomorrow she will look in Underwood’s for a replacement, maybe before Jack has missed it. Peggy feels much loved by her children through all their support but they don’t realise that sometimes she might like to be alone. Professional help is the answer; a paid help can be told to go away!
  • Lynda has been very patient, waiting until the bull has gone. Her mission is to recruit David for the panto. She discloses that Kenton is to be replaced as Dame Trott (by Mike); she wants the brothers Archer to be the giant’s cook and butler and do a slapstick routine. With oodles of compliments about their rapport and timing, she does her best to persuade David.

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