Lynda suggests Daniel asks for a long holiday for the family in France so he can learn the language.

Radio Times: Lynda hits on a good idea.

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  • Ambridge is doing well at the cricket for once. Adam isn’t looking forward to doing more decorating – but even Lilian must be better than Ian.
  • Emma still hasn’t heard from Ed. But Kenton needs to know what she is planning about Jaxx. Kenton tries to convince Emma there isn’t a problem with Ed but she’s not sure. He’s more worried about Jaxx but Emma is sure Brenda has said she’ll cover…..
  • Lynda and Daniel are making friends and Lynda sees he is trying to learn some French, in advance of him starting at the Cathedral School in September. Daniel should suggest the whole family spends a week or two weeks or even longer in France over the summer to help him learn the language. Why would they refuse?
  • Still no word about Ed. Even Jazzer is getting edgy. Adam thinks Ed has “pulled” and headed off. But he certainly doesn’t think Clarrie needs to worry.

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