Madds asks Ian a favour. Eddie loses his temper with Alan.

Radio Times: Madd reveals an ulterior motive.

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  • Madds and Ian go to a car boot sale, where Madds is taken with Eddie’s array of gnomes. She wants to go out for the day, but Ian has to work. Madds has enjoyed herself so much, she’s decided to stay over the weekend, as long as she isn’t outstaying her welcome.
  • Alan is distributing fliers about Ed at the car boot sale, and meets with rudeness and anger from Eddie, who takes it as a personal affront; he thinks Alan is criticising his efforts to find Ed.
  • Ian’s delighted for Caroline when she tells him about her engagement and Oliver’s romantic proposal. He loves her ring, and wants to know all about the wedding. He wonders if all the foster-children will be there; Caroline hadn’t thought of that. She thinks Carly might have some choice remarks to make.
  • Worried for Clarrie, Alan calls round to see her. She tells him about Eddie’s binge with Baggy, and how all she wants is for Eddie to sit down and talk about it – but he always shouts his way out of a crisis, just like Ed. Eddie comes home, and Alan quickly leaves, giving Eddie an opportunity for another tirade. He doesn’t need other people, he says. Well, I do, retorts Clarrie, because I get nothing from you.
  • Madds comes to Grey Gables to pick Ian up after work and to have a drink. She’s spent a miserable day thinking about her failed marriage, and how she wants a child. Then comes the bombshell; the purpose of her visit is to ask Ian to father it.

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