Marjorie has eight months left.

Radio Times: Marjorie has eight months left.

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  • Tommy can’t do anything right (or is being moody, depending on your perspective) but Tony wants to discuss a business matter at lunchtime. This turns out to be the potential new designs for Bridge Farm yoghurts and ice cream amd Tony wonders if this branding would strengthen the sausage business? After an amount of initial surprise at what he perceives as a change of heart, Tommy reluctantly agrees that bringing the sausages into the fold would be a good thing, but where does that leave his partnership with Hayley? Tony suggests that she receive a salary – Tommy doesn’t want to be the one to tell her.
  • Hayley and Mrs A are lunching in the Bull before heading into Borchester to shop. Mrs A has found out the date of her cataract operation, and is “celebrating” finding out that she only has eight months to wait.
  • The new doctor, Tim Hathaway is looking around Honeysuckle Cottage again, this time with his wife, Siobhán. He’s still not sure whether living quite so close to the surgery (and in the middle of the village) is a good thing, but she’s in love with the place. She thinks it might need some work (she’s a translator and works from home, so office accomodation is a concern) and, being Irish she thinks it might be improved if it was picked up and plonked down in County Wicklow, but she’s pushing him to agree. We hear a few slight asides that maybe previous homes have had problems (“this time things will be better” sort of comments) and that they might well try for a child when they’re settled. They, too, lunch in the Bull where Sid and Hayley, themselves immigrants of course, sing Ambridge’s praises.