Matt’s brother Paul turns up with the news his mother has died and Lilian offers to do anything she can to help.

Radio Times: Lilian performs an act of kindness.

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  • Matt’s brother turns up at the Dower House to tell Lilian that his mother has died. But he says he hasn’t come to talk about Matt, he just wanted someone to talk to. He stays for a coffee and to talk and he rather pours his heart out. Lilian tries to convince him that his mother was just the way she was – she was cold and distant with Matt too – but Paul had hoped ’til the end that she would come round. When he eventually leaves, Lilian offers to do anything she can to help.
  • Tom and Brenda are still ploughing through the leafleting for the milk round. Brenda doesn’t understand Helen’s motivation. If she had Helen’s opportunities she’d have grabbed them with both hands. Look at Roy – Phoebe put his career back years. She just doesn’t get it.
  • Usha comes home from work to spend some “quality time” with Alan, but church business intervenes! But then, so does Usha’s life too! Things will have to wait ’til after Easter…..

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