Mike enjoys a night out.. Roy and Hayley enjoy a night in.

Radio Times: Ruth and David get some inside information.

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  • Mike has an attack of nerves as he gets ready for his dance class. When Roy suggests that he might have overdone the after-shave, Mike decides he’s not going; it takes all Hayley’s powers of persuasion to get him out of the house.
  • Because Bert has spotted a fox, Pip and Ruth make sure the hens are shut up early. Ben wants Pip to tell him another bedtime story, which she does willingly, on condition that David tells Ruth that he’s agreed to give the Brown Swiss breed a go. Ruth bites the bullet and suggests that they were wrong to drop Alistair as their herd vet. After all, it was just Sam’s idea. David seems to accept this, and says he’ll ask Alistair if he would be willing to come back.
  • Roy and Hayley enjoy a drink in the garden. With Mike out dancing and Phoebe at a sleepover, the house is theirs, so Hayley suggests an early night. Later, she comes down to make a cup of tea, and meets Mike, who’s had a good time dancing with someone called Alison. But he’s got some news – he saw Will Grundy and a strange girl going for a drink. Does Emma know about this? She will as soon as Brenda finds out, says Roy, sourly.
  • Pip’s story gives Ben nightmares, and as Ruth goes to comfort him, David remembers some interesting information; a house on the Penny Hassett road is having building work done – and they have cut down a yew hedge. Could this be the source of the poison that killed their cows?

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