Mike stages a recovery. Susan finds hospitality difficult to offer.

Radio Times: Mike goes in search of some TLC.

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  • Tom and Tony start erecting Peggy’s summer-house. Tom feels he can now leave Hannah in charge of the pigs, and devote himself to Bridge Farm. Jack is very agitated and unsettled, but the new carer is coming later.
  • Susan’s in a bad mood; the bathroom suite for the flat has arrived and been left outside the shop. Neil has to move it instantly. Then Mike appears, desperate for the loo. He manages to tread mud all over Susan’s carpets, which does little to improve her mood.
  • Neil calls at Willow Farm to see what’s going on. He finds Mike wrapped in blankets, with no power, no running water and the remains of his dose of flu. He insists that Mike should come home with him.
  • Susan returns from the panto rehearsal in an even worse mood, still moaning about Mike and the mud. Even Susan is shamefaced when she realises Mike is there and has heard her. Susan’s offer of temporary accommodation is somewhat less generous than Neil’s, but Mike accepts.
  • Just as Kenton’s flu symptoms mysteriously disappeared when he thought he might be in with a chance of the Dame Trot role, Mike’s also disappear when he hears that Kenton and Eddie are vying for it. It’s time he went back to rehearsals.
  • Peggy and Jack sit in the summer-house to watch the night sky. They are delighted with their new acquisition.

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