Natalie and Pip both indulge in some confidence-boosting.

Radio Times: Pip has an eye to the future, and Jamie tries to get some perspective.

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  • At April Cottage, Jamie is on the phone to an angry Marty who has to go to court on Friday morning. He offers reassuring words while he himself is stressing about having to give evidence and whether he could have done more to keep Marty out of the stolen car. The splendid Natalie – such a good influence – arrives to take his mind off these worries.
  • Pip is grooming her three chosen lambs and planning her visit to the Borsetshire Show. She tries to bolster her dad’s confidence by observing how easy it was to pick three good ones because of his brilliant stockmanship.
  • There’s more confidence building going on as Jamie and Natalie walk in the sunshine: he was brave to go to the police; his ‘mates’ were doing seriously stupid stuff and this could be just what Marty needs to bring him to his senses. Now, Jamie should stop looking back – what about college?
  • Spencer and Pip are also out and about and Pip is talking with some passion about making a success of the family farm. When Jamie and Natalie come into view, they stop to ask how he is. Spencer has little to report of his errant brother, who is now keeping a low profile; he feels sorry for their parents who had no idea what he was up to.
  • On their own again, Jamie remembers his dad; he intends that his conduct should make his dad proud of him. Despite his worries, Natalie reassures him that if he has to go to court they will deal with it and then he can get on with his life.

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