Nelson’s funeral is arrangement and Jennifer is upset about Kate being so far away from Phoebe.

Radio Times: Brian says to keep mum.

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  • David, Ruth and Jill: the hay has arrived, having been left at the gate, and should see the cows through. There’s a bag in the tractor – another fruitcake from Freda for Bert – he’s putting on weight. Jill has heard from Nigel about Nelson’s daughter, Rosemary Tarrant. Ruth wants to know if Jill will be giving up the hens and the bees – and they will talk about it further.
  • Brian and Debbie are at the lambing – Jennifer is still worrying about Kate apparently, Debbie should take a rest too. The blisters at Brookfield were a scare – Debbie thinks whenever she gets tired how much worse it could be. Brian is fed up about the board meeting – Debbie says he can talk about it if he wants, but he says you wouldn’t want to know…
  • Jill and Ruth are talking about the bees – Jill can’t take them or the hens as the garden will be too small. Ruth suggests that the bees could be left in the orchard and Pip could feed the hens, think about it, Jill…
  • Jennifer and Brian with Kate on the phone – yes, Phoebe is fine. Kate is driving up to Jo’burg with Desmond and stopping overnight. No, Jennifer couldn’t say that Phoebe has been unsettled. Brian offers to take Jennifer to dinner to get of the stress of the past few days.
  • Nigel and Jill on the phone: Rosemary doesn’t know much but Nelson has been asked to be buried in Ambridge, 6 April is the date for the funeral, Nelson wants there to be a wake with all his olds friends there – and has paid for this! Nigel has had another cancellation. Ruth comes in – the offer about the hens and bees; Jill is going to take her up on it and feels so much happier now. And they will have to keep Molly, Phil’s pig, as well.
  • Brian and Jennifer are having dinner – talking about Phoebe and South Africa and so on and then Brian says that Jennifer mustn’t say a word about the land problem …

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