New Year’s Eve and, while not all the village are celebrating, Roy and Hayley are enjoying each other’s company!

Radio Times: Millennium…

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  • Pat and Hayley visited John’s grave on his birthday and the four of his immediate family are planning a quiet celebration, although Hayley would be most welcome she opts to spend it on the Green with the rest of the village – as John would have wanted.
  • The Bull is packed and the bar rota’s going well, although not everyone is in celebratory mood. Clarrie breaks down in tears and confesses their bad news to Jill, who’s sworn to secrecy.
  • As midnight approaches, the bonfire’s lit, champagne is distributed, candle’s are burned and the millennium resolution repeated. As the bells of St Stephens ring in the New Year, Phil and Jill give thanks to each other for still being together, David and Ruth enjoy a New Year’s kiss and Roy and Hayley, starting with a brief kiss continue to hold each other as Auld Land Syne is sung around the village.