Nic and Will enjoy time together. Flu strikes the Ambridge production once again.

Radio Times: Will works some Christmas magic for Nic.

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  • Tempers run high at the rehearsal. Kenton wants to be an official understudy for Mike, saying his own part isn’t important. David says Eddie should be understudy if anyone should. Mike then arrives, still coughing and sneezing, and David seizes the opportunity to jeer at Kenton’s malingering. But David is coming down with flu now, to Kenton’s delight.
  • Ruth and Usha go Christmas shopping, and Ruth takes up Eddie’s suggestion and buys David an anniversary tankard, though she’s not sure about it. Usha wants a present for Amy, but will leave Alan to deal with Mabel. She’s not too happy about Mabel coming to stay; she really wanted it to be their first Christmas as a family.
  • Will and Nic are in Borchester, too, skating on the outdoor rink. Ruth and Usha stop to chat, which pleases Nic; she tells Will that people really care about him. As he drops her off, Will gives her presents for the children, but she must say they’re from Santa. He tells Nic she’s been a great friend to him.
  • David’s flu symptoms have worsened, and Ruth packs him off to bed. The panto seems doomed.

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