No Ball for Susan. Jack’s deteriorating condition becomes obvious.

Radio Times: Neil puts his foot down.

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  • Susan dreams of going to the Pony Club Ball; Neil is realistic: it’s out of the question.
  • Adam being so busy with lambing, Ian is doing all the packing for their holiday and has come to instruct Jennifer on how to access their ‘blog’. Brian will be off himself next month; he is going to Hungary (though probably not directly!).
  • In the shop, Susan overfaces Jack by asking his advice. He responds with something completely different but she turns it into an apparently useful suggestion. It makes her realise just how far gone is Mr Woolley.
  • Talking to Jennifer in the lambing shed, Peggy is pleased to be with other people for a change. Peggy is adamant that she would not have it any other way: Jack is not going into a home. Ian keeps Jack amused but when he has gone, Jack harks back to Paddy Redmond, a figure from Jennifer’s past.
  • Neil breaks the news to Christopher that they will not be able to go to the Ball. What a shame! He will get over it. Susan is at pains to point out that it is not the cost but a prior commitment – a family birthday (even thought she cannot stand her sister’s partner!) – that will keep them away.

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