Oliver and Caroline get pally and Jolene asks Kathy a favour over Jamie

Radio Times: Jolene suggests a Christmas truce.

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  • Eddie’s in the Bull, drinking some earnings. Jolene mentions that the calendar is selling well. Eddie’s not looking forward to Christmas much – although the day in the Bull might be fun. Jolene’s worried that Sid might not be a barrel of laughs because he won’t be able to see Jamie on the day.
  • Oliver and Caroline pop into the Bull before the Mikado, they seem to be getting on well. His bonhomie is lost on Eddie, though. We discover that he’s recently been through an (amicable) divorce and has three children; Eleanor (who he’ll be visiting in Bristol), Olivia (with her mother) and James (who’ll be in France).
  • Kathy bumps into David and Ruth and it’s all chatty until they invite her to join them for a drink in the Bull …! She also bumps into Jolene. It’s frosty, but Jolene calls for a ceasefire and asks that considers Sid (and Jamie) and whether she might allow Sid an hour with his son on Christmas morning to open his presents. Kathy’s not sure, but will think about it.