Oliver has worked out a way to stop Joe’s auction scam.

Radio Times: Pip shows where her priorities lie, and Oliver comes up with a plan to teach Joe a lesson.

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  • Pip is beginning to get stressed about work and Jude keeps trying to persuade her to stop. She does stop but on the condition that they go to Lower Loxley to look at the website. Pip is determined she is going back to Brookfield overnight but after a lot of pestering she agrees to stay with Jude.
  • Oliver provides champagne for the Shop Committee meeting now that they know it is saved. They are planning a party for the opening at the end of the month but Kathy has had enough of opening parties from Kenton. But there should be publicity for the shop in the Echo anyway – probably that last bit of pr Brenda does for them before she takes up her new job.
  • Oliver has worked out the Joe is trying to operate another of his scams with the auctions and plots with Kathy to ensure the money goes to a good cause – a new bench for the churchyard.

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