Oliver reveals his past – nothing too sinister.

Radio Times: Alistair starts to feel the pressure.

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  • As if Brookfield hasn’t had enough with the TB problems, now one of the cows has a twisted stomach, and Alistair has to come over and operate on her. At least it goes well, but Alistair’s cosy night in with Shula is wrecked. He’s beginning to wonder if he wouldn’t have been better to start up a small animal practice in Borchester.
  • While Alistair is sewing up the cow, Shula and Caroline have a girls’ night in while Caroline waits to pick Oliver up from a CLA dinner. She has solved the mystery of Oliver’s reluctance to fill in the forms for Social Services. When he was 19, he stole a Men at Work sign, and apparently he’s worried that the CRB might turn it up in their check.
  • When a weary Alistair eventually gets home, all he can think about is falling into bed. David’s keen to get to bed, too, but has some rather more creative ideas about it – and that’s in addition to his creative ideas about leaflet drops for the Hereford meat.

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