Oliver’s green-eyed gesture does not find favour with Caroline.

Radio Times: Shining armour is not required.

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  • Lilian is clearly not accustomed to the chores associated with a young child, so she is not being much help to Jennifer to clear up after a day with Phoebe. Jennifer assures her that the trip to South Africa is still on; she thought it had been postponed because of Brian’s business problems. She would like to stay for supper rather than face Grey Gables and Scott but she is out of luck: Jennifer and Brian are going out for dinner.
  • Ed has decided that paying rent is not on and is preparing to sleep out. Clarrie thinks he had better find a dry spot; it looks like rain and that tarpaulin has holes in it.
  • Oliver is still hoping for some time with Caroline; he has given up his theatre tickets and will swim at Grey Gables in case her meeting finishes early. He is not impressed by Scott who barges in to their conversation; Oliver thinks him too full of himself.
  • Lilian has taken refuge in The Bull and finds Ed also looking a bit down. He explains that he has been “chucked out” of home for bunking off his GCSE exams; he wants to make a success of the band but Fallon is too busy revising to practise. He is on the point of taking up Lilian’s offer of something stronger than the orange juice he is drinking when Clarrie, unexpectedly working at The Bull tonight, sends him home to a hot supper and clean sheets.
  • Seeking the result of Caroline’s meeting is a good excuse for Scott to try out his charm on her again; he thought she might have had problems with Lynda who felt she should play a significant part in the filming. Caroline firmly turns down his offer of a drink, just as Oliver turns up and sends him packing. If Oliver thought Caroline would appreciate this gesture, he was wrong, so he decides that he too has outstayed his welcome.

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