Phoebe’s playing up and Jill arrives to (really) help with the twins.

Radio Times: Here comes the cavalry.

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  • Phoebe’s playing up and Roy’s got to go to work, so Betty (who was due to be at home, but Susan’s ill) takes her with her to the shop, where she plays up royally. Mike was meant to pick her up on his way home from dealing with some chickens somewhere, but was late and Roy was let off early from Grey Gables as he wasn’t concentrating. Roy realises that he’s having trouble balancing work, college and his daughter, but Betty won’t hear of him giving up work and running up his debts even more. Roy’s not as confident as his mother than Kate will return any time soon …
  • Lizzie’s breast-feeding the twins in the dining room – and Julia’s not sure that having the whole house taken over with babies is entirely appropriate – but she’s helping in her own way, the gallery is open which it wouldn’t be without her. Help is at hand as Jill arrives for a few little while and, with the greatest respect to Julia, she’s more than willing to muck in with the messy stuff!